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Started in 1987 when BETACAM and VHS were the choice of the day.

We grew and watched about 20 industry changes throughout the years, and we updated equipment, and cameras and went from delivery on very large 3/4 inch and VHS, through the S-VHS era, into Mini-DV, and from Jog Shuttle editing to computer based non-linear. 

Now in many cases we upload the final video format to our customers via the internet, and offer Blu-Ray DVD, for the highest definition.

Times will change again soon as Solid State becomes the media of choice.

And in many industries and home computers it's already here.

So call us, email us, text, or send us a Facebook message, and let us know what your needs are.

If we can't do it, we have made many connections throughout the years and can direct you to someone that can.